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2022 Donations

As you may or may not know, I donate a portion of proceeds every month to various organizations. This is something that I started doing in 2020 and I will continue to do so as long as I am able. Helping others has always been extremely important to me and with your purchases, I am committed to helping as much as I can.

Every month in 2022, I will be donating to a different charity. These are the organizations that I have chosen for the year. I am sharing them here so that you can know which organization you are helping when you choose to order from me. At the end beginning of each month, I will make a donation based off of the month's sales and will update this page accordingly.

Thank you for all of your support!

❤️ 2022 Running total: $746.79 donated!! ❤️

January - Edmonton Food Bank

On February 10th, $74.74 was donated to the Edmonton Food Bank. ❤️

February - Black Lives Matter Canada

On March 4th, $46.70 was donated to Black Lives Matter Canada. ❤️

March - Tree Canada

On April 3, $35.17 was donated to Tree Canada. ❤️

April - Make A Wish Canada

On May 3, $75.93 was donated to Make A Wish Canada. ❤️

May - WIN House

On June 4, $40.81 was donated to WIN House. ❤️

June - Indian Residential School Survivors Society

On July 5th, $113.40 was donated to the IRSSS. ❤️

July - Furget Me Not Animal Rescue

On August 25th, $68.00 was donated. ❤️

August - Bissell Centre

On September 2nd, $47.00 was donated to the Bissell Centre. ❤️

September - Edmonton Pride Centre

On October 4th, $63.80 was donated to the Edmonton Pride Centre. ❤️

October - Breast Cancer Society Of Canada

This month is extra special to me and was donated in honour of my grandma who fought breast cancer twice. $59.39 was donated on November 3rd. ❤️

November - Dogs With Wings

On December 5th, $46.01 was donated to Dogs With Wings. ❤️

December - Stollery Children's Hospital

On January 5th, 2023 $75.84 was donated to the Stollery. ❤️

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