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January Donations

Update: Thanks to all of your orders through the month of January, $47.36 was donated to the Edmonton Food Bank.

I want to talk briefly about my donation plans for 2021. Those of you that have been following me for a while know that I make a donation from a portion of the proceeds from yarn sales every month to various organizations. This is something that started early on in 2020 with the Australia wild fires that ravaged the country and it was something that I knew in heart that I needed to expand on. 

These monthly donations will be continuing on in 2021 and forward. Every month I will be donating a portion of my online sales to a charitable organization, or a local business that is doing incredible business for the community that needs extra help. This month's organization of choice is the Edmonton Food Bank. The food bank does amazing work and quite often gets overlooked after the Christmas season is over.

As always, I will share in my stories on Instagram when the donations are made - for accountability. For those of you that don't use Instagram, I will also try to update these posts on a regular basis so you can see the donation amounts made.

Thank you all for your support which enables me to continue on with these efforts!!


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