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June Feature: Black Women United YEG

I have learned a lot and still have so much to learn. But one thing I know deep in my heart is that action is what’s important. Putting my money where my mouth is as much as I can. Opening my world view, supporting businesses and organizations, expanding my horizons, committing to being a better listener and speaking up against the injustices that are happening in the world. There is so much work I can and will do. This isn’t just a trend, this is everyday life!

I have spent the last few days researching different organizations around the world and wanted to help an organization within my community.

For the month of June, I will be donating 5% of all yarn sales and 100% of pattern sales to Black Women United YEG. Black Women United YEG focuses on the protection and advancement of Black girls and women. Their core values are those that I aim to live by and teach to my children on a daily basis including - truth, integrity, inclusion and respect.

Black Women United YEG uses their donations for speakers at events, supplies for rallies, legal defence, counselling and prevention based programming.

The statement below is directly quoted from their website.

“We are calling for an end to:

  • the sexual abuse of Black women & girls
  • the rising incarceration rate of Black women
  • the domestic violence Black women quietly endure
  • the workplace discrimination Black women experience”

I fully support everything that these women are fighting for. These are basic human rights.

If you want to support Black Women United YEG directly, follow this link.

Photo from the Black Women United YEG website. 

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  • It is so wonderful to see you supporting the cause you believe in! I’m in a biracial marriage and my husband deals with racism almost everyday. It’s everywhere! Wish there were more like you! Thanks for walking the talk!

    Joelle from @breadandbutterknits on Instagram

    Joelle Hironaka

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